Shopping Trip!!

I had to wear my gentle leader for the first time yesterday.  It was terrible.  Here's Dad fitting it on me.  Notice how Mom has her finger holding my collar.  I was trapped.

Here I am after it was on.  I look very handsome in the picture, but in reality, my spirit was beaten down.  (Kat had to wear her gentle leader too, but she doesn't have it on yet in this picture.)
Just when I thought that Mom and Dad were just going to make me wear the stupid thing for their amusement, they hooked up my leash and said, "Let's go shopping!"  We walked to my new favorite store, Paddywack.  I like Paddywack because they have a lot of good smelling treats and dog food.  Yesterday, we weren't there to buy Canidae, we were picking out a new toy for me since the whole ordeal with Santa.

We really took a long time deciding what to get, but I finally settled on a Kong on a rope.  Here we are back at the house and Dad is dangling it in my face.
I didn't pay much attention to it when Dad first tried to play, but Mom caught me later in the day.
This morning, I have already had a spirited game of tug o'war with the kong on a rope, so I am glad my parents came to their senses that I needed a toy.

Happy New Year!

New Nickname & New Place to Sleep