My Christmas Ball

Steve mentioned in his post that I got a new ball for Christmas.  He failed to mention that I got the new ball to replace my favorite ball that he chewed up.  Mom couldn't find the exact same "Life is Good" yellow ball for me, so she was worried that I wouldn't like what she got.  She found me a pink Fetch ball from Orbee-Tuff.  She said it felt a lot stiffer so maybe Steve couldn't chew a hole in it, but she was worried that I wouldn't like it as much since neither Mom or Dad knew exactly why I liked my yellow ball so much.

So the pink ball was the first thing I opened on Christmas.  And this is how I spent my time while everyone else opened their presents.

I hope you all found a present you like just as much!

PS. Steve is still pouting about his Gentle Leader, so Dad we can go to the pet store and Steve can pick out a toy.  They claim that because Steve doesn't have a favorite toy, Santa didn't know what he would want and because he pulled on his leash all year instead of learning to walk properly, he was showing Santa that he wanted a Gentle Leader.   Whatever.

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