Santa hates me

I don't know what I did wrong.  I thought I was good all year.  I was nice when we had Ulee (Kat was mean), I didn't chew anything up, I didn't dig (Kat did), I didn't chase Wilbur as much as Kat chased him, I did everything a good husky should do, but Santa still hates me.

Santa brought Kat a new ball.  It looked really fun, but she didn't let me play with it.
When it was my turn to open my present, I just knew it would be something good.  Dad couldn't open it fast enough.
Then I saw what it was.  A Gentle Leader.  If Santa thinks giving dogs Gentle Leaders is funny, he is really mistaken.
Even though I got lots of treats from my grandparents and Mom and Dad, I couldn't shake the fact that Santa hates me.  It almost ruined my Christmas.
Luckily Mom gave us these snowman cakes for Christmas dinner.  That made me feel better.
I hope Santa doesn't hate you pups.

My Christmas Ball

Merry Christmas!!