Poor Me

Mom took me to the vet at about 1:00 AM today.  I threw up six times from 8 PM to midnight, then a little after midnight, I went #2 and Mom saw blood and what she thought looked like blood clots.  So needless to say, she freaked out!  She loaded Steve and me up in the car and away we went to the ER vet.

Steve had to stay in the car while we were at the vet.  I went inside with Mom and they took my weight (41.4 pounds) and took my temperature (yuck) and felt me all over.  Mom talked to the very nice vet lady and told her how Steve and I had both had the runs since we moved, but this was the first blood she had seen and also the vomiting was new.

The vet gave Mom some medicine to give to both Steve and me so we don't get an infection.  Then, since I was dehydrated, they put fluids under my skin.  I had a big bulge when I left the vet on my right shoulder, but it's gone now.  I also got a shot of something to make my stomach calm down.

The vet people loved me and told Mom that I sat in their lap while they were working on me.  I still feel pretty icky today.  Mom just now let us have some water since I wasn't supposed to drink anything for 12 hours and Steve is on the same plan.  Now we are supposed to eat boiled rice and chicken for a few days and then gradually go back to our Canidae.  Steve is really excited about getting to eat chicken.  Mom isn't supposed to give us any food until late tonight because the vet wants her to rest our tummies.

The vet said Mom saw blood in my #2 because my system was irritated from all the yucky poops I had been producing.  So now Mom is supposed to keep an eye on me and hopefully everything will get better in no time.  Mom just wants me to start acting like my happy self again because right now, all I do is try to sit on her lap.  That's what sick girls want to do-- be with their mommies.
Well, enough typing, I need to go find my mom's lap.

PS. Sorry if this was a gross entry, but I wanted to tell everypup about my excitement.

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