I love Christmas!

Today the FedEx truck came to our house and gave us a BIG box.  It was from our Texas grandparents!  Mom wasn't sure if we should open it now or wait until Christmas, so she just put it on the floor next to the door.  I knew that my Texas grandma would want me to have anything that was in the box and I was also sure I smelled something delicious in there.

So I tried to be cool until Mom and Kat went into the laundry room to fold stuff.  Then I decided that it was my opportunity.  When Mom wasn't watching, I chewed open the Christmas box!  Guess what I saw in there?
To the untrained eye, you might not be able to tell what that is, but I know that it's a bag of Canidae Snap Biscuits!  I love those!!  Notice I concentrated my box chewing right at the spot the biscuits were located.  I didn't want to waste any time.

Unfortunately, at that point, Mom came out into the living room and said, "Steve!  What are you doing?"  Isn't it obvious, Mom?
So Mom ruined all the fun and took the treats out of the box.  I wasn't sure if she got them all, so I had to check.

Mom says I can have my giant bag of biscuits on Christmas.  I hope she means I can eat the whole bag just on Christmas and that I don't have to share with Kat!

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