Mail for Us!

Hi pups.  I am feeling better today.  I woke up in a much perkier mood.  Mom is really relieved.

A great thing happened today!  When Mom came home from work, she had a box in her arms.  Steve and I couldn't decide what we were more excited about: Mom's return or the box and the wonderful aromas coming from it.  We first chose Mom because we needed to go outside and do some business, but as soon as that was over, we rushed back inside to see what was in that box!

The box was from our friends in Oregon: Bailey, Bear, Gillette, Kona, Maddie, Nasika, River, Tova, Zak, and Zoom!  We were really curious about the box.
When we opened it, we found a card and a tin that smelled really wonderful.  It was very cute with a snowman.
Inside the tin was fantastic cookies!!  Mom cheated on our chicken and rice diet and let us each have one cookie.  She says we can have lots more once we let our tummies get better.  Steve and I just can't wait!  Even Wilbur thought the cookies smelled good but I told him that he couldn't have any.
Thank you very much for the yummy goodness!!

Did Wilbur do it?

Poor Me