It's our birthday!

Today is a BIG day. Our first birthday!! This morning we got to open one of our birthday presents. It was from our Texas Grandma and Grandpa! It came in a box with cool bird stickers.
Here's a video of us opening the box.

Can you believe all the great stuff we got? We got a new Mr. Orange Bad Cuz (remember how our other one mysteriously died?) and a Ms. Green Good Cuz. We got some yummy Canidae Snap Biscuits and some smaller treats that Mom is going to stuff in our Kongs with peanut butter. Yummy! But best of all, did you see the size of those enormous bones? That was Steve's favorite part. He loves them. I am quite fond of Ms. Green Good Cuz and have been carrying her around all morning. Thank you so much for our presents!!

We didn't get a present from Mom and Dad but it's (hopefully) in the mail. They ordered us doggie seat belt systems so we will be safe in the car. Mom waited until now so she knew how big we would be.

Tonight we are having a birthday pawty. Mom is making human cupcakes now and she's going to make us a doggie birthday cake as soon as the cupcakes are finished. We're so excited. Here is the invitation. I hope you all can pawty with us!


Time flies when you're having fun,
And now Steve and Kat are turning one!
Join us for a birthday paw-ty,
Where there will be lots of good stuff to eat!

Burgers, fixings, drinks and sides,
Will all be there before your eyes.
Please be sure to RSVP,
So we know how many people we're going to see!

Birthday Cake

Interview with Marley