Birthday Cake

Kat mentioned in the last post that Mom was baking a birthday cake for us. I decided that all of my blogging friends, especially Echo, would like to see pictures of the cake and me eating it.

Here's the cake, fresh out of the oven. Those red specks in it are crumbled Beggin' Strips. Yum! Mom cut the cake into six pieces so we've been able to have cake for three nights. She put some plain yogurt on top for frosting. We love yogurt. It would have been a tad better with some banana slices too, but who am I to complain? Here we are waiting patiently for our cake. (Yes, I am being patient. No matter what anyone tells you.) Here's me eating it. It was so good. And here's Kat eating her piece too. Well, I hope you enjoyed our cake pictures. If you want some of your own cake, order the recipe book from Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue.


Tail Gunner Steve

It's our birthday!