We love Dayna (and Mike)!

At the end of August, our pet sitter sold her business and "retired" from pet sitting. She has been watching the pups for three years and we will miss her so much. I never thought that I would get so attached to a pet sitter, but I was really attached to Dayna and her husband, Mike. I know Dayna really loves the dogs, especially Steve and Kat. They love her too. Sometimes we would see her walking in the neighborhood and the pups would just go crazy. They are always so excited to see her.

Back when we first got Gus, Dayna made our lives so much easier by coming by every day to let Gus out of his crate for a potty break. On the first day, Kat attacked Gus and Dayna called me to let me know what happened and that no one was hurt. I started crying and Dayna talked me down and told me it would be okay and Kat would eventually be nice to Gus. She was not just our pet sitter, but also my therapist!

The only picture I had of Dayna with the pups was this one with Steve that she sent while we were on our cruise in August.


This weekend, we walked over to Mike and Dayna's house for a visit and I got a picture of them with the pups. We wish Mike and Dayna the best on their new adventures and are so happy we got to know them!


Gus does cross country

Weekend Walk