Weekend Walk

On the weekends, we try to take the pups for extra long walks. Today we took them to a different neighborhood so we could try out the walking trails. Our neighborhood doesn't have a great network of trails and with three dogs, it's nice to have the wider walking paths so David and I can walk side-by-side without feeling crowded.

The paths were nice and wide, so Kat wasn't crowded out by the crazy boys.


Steve could still stay on the pavement while Gus took the off-road route.


There were park benches at various spots. The pups took advantage of one bench and posed for a picture.


We enjoyed the trail system, so we might make it part of our walking rotation.

PS. Lest you think that Gus is as good at taking pictures as Steve and Kat, here are a couple pictures showing that it took him a bit to get with the program.


We love Dayna (and Mike)!

Innocent puppies?