2017 Cruise #2 - Sea Day and Nassau

Friday of the cruise was a sea day. We didn't do too much except relax. We watched the comedy dive show in the afternoon and did some reading on our Kindles. I might have taken a nap too.


That evening, we went to see the music and dance show, Come Fly With Me. While it was another show with a mystery story line, it was very enjoyable. The dance numbers were good and the acrobats were also good.


At 11 pm, we went to The Quest. It's a game show, but the whole audience gets involved. It was super fun and our team won. Once again, Cruise Director Tim made the shows really great. David and I both laughed so hard at various points in the show.

On Saturday we docked in Nassau. We didn't plan an excursion for Nassau because we didn't see any thing that really spoke to us and our other excursions were more pricey than what we did on our February cruise, so we thought we'd just save money. We did get off the ship to do some shopping. I like to get Kasyn and Lakyn a postcard and something from every stop. I try to get them something from local vendors, but Nassau was so hectic. It was so hard to get out of the port area because so many people were trying to get visitors to go on an excursion or rent a scooter or whatever. We ended up buying shirts for the girls at a chain store and hurrying back to the peace and quiet of the ship.


Also on Friday and Saturday, we started hearing about Hurricane Harvey hitting Texas. Our local weather person was predicting 50+ mph winds in Pflugerville and torrential rain. I was really glad to have internet service once we heard about the storm. Steve and Kat's pet sitter was in constant contact and went above and beyond to bring in some of the things we had outside. My mom called the ranch to check on Gus and they were also set for the storm. When we left, we thought Harvey was going to Mexico and didn't plan for it to head to Texas. Luckily the dogs were all safe and well cared for.



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