2017 Cruise #2 - St. Thomas

On Thursday we docked in St. Thomas. I booked a kayaking trip through St. Thomas Adventure Tours. I knew that the company kept the tour groups small, but on the day we were there, no one else signed up, so we had a private tour. The tour operator, Michelle, came and picked us up and the port and drove us a short distance to a beach where we met our guide, Sven. Sven gave us some kayaking instructions and then we were on our way.

One of the instructions was that I was supposed to keep a steady paddling rhythm. David, in the back, was supposed to match my rhythm. I was pretty sure we were going to need marriage counseling by the time the trip was over as we were never in sync.


Nevertheless, Sven did get this picture of us!


We paddled over to another island that is a nature preserve and snorkeled for quite a while. I ended up getting sea sick while snorkeling, which I thought wouldn't be possible.

After lunch. My stomach has recovered.

After lunch. My stomach has recovered.

After snorkeling and eating lunch, we paddled back to the main island and stopped at a different beach. We walked around the beach for a while and Sven pointed out the different kind of trees and talked a bit about the history of the island. Then it was time for more snorkeling. We saw so many sea turtles! It was really neat. I have never seen sea turtles in the wild before.

David, me, and a sea turtle.

David, me, and a sea turtle.

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