Summer Float

Today we went canoeing.  We went to a different part of the James River and there were several places to stop and swim.  Before we got started floating, we first had to ride in an old school bus to the launch point.  This was the first time Kat and I had ever been on a school bus.



At first, we didn't want to lay down in the canoe.


In fact, we didn't lay down for a while.  (Please excuse the fuzzy pictures.  The camera was in the cooler and got fogged up when Mom took it out for pictures, but she didn't realize that until we got home and looked at the pictures.)



I learned that I could lean over the edge of the canoe and get a drink.


We stopped several times for a swim.


Dad took us over to an island so we take care of some business.  


Then we had to swim back to the boat.


At our next stop, Kat fell out of the boat.  Mom and Dad are not sure how it happened exactly, but she went over the edge, back down, legs in the air.  It was kind of funny, to tell the truth.  Later, Dad found a good bit of current and created a puppy water treadmill for us.

After the water treadmill, we were very tired and decided to get down to business and nap in the canoe.  


In fact, Kat even used me for a pillow.  It was only fair though, because I had tried to use her as a pillow while we were standing in the water.


I'd say it was a successful float trip.  One final funny thing.  When we were standing in the water, Mom and Dad thought we looked like Corgi-Siberians because the water refraction made our legs look really short.  So we had our normal size bodies above water, but from Mom and Dad's view, we had super short legs.  They thought it was hilarious.




Welcome Home Mom!

Mom is home!