Mom is home!

Mom is finally back and we could not be more excited.  Dad videoed us welcoming her home, but the cable to get the video from the video camera to the computer is at Mom's apartment, so we won't be able to show you the video until this weekend.

Mom brought us some toys.  First she brought me a cool purple ball.  It squeaks and is made by Kong, so hopefully it will last a long time.


Then she brought us a ball and a bone from our Missouri Grandma.  Steve really loves the ball.  Mom was not expecting that.



The bone is pretty cool too.  Mom let our cousin, Special K, test it out over the weekend and Special K gave it her slobber of approval.


Steve decided to see if he would also give it his slobber of approval.  He did, but he likes the ball more. Now that Steve slobbered on the bone, Special K probably won't be able to play with it anymore.


Thanks to our Grandma for our new toys!


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