Spring Break Vacation - Post #7 - The End

After we left Boston, our trip was almost over. We drove up to York, Maine, to see the ocean. Mom was bummed because everything was closed for the season and she had really wanted to visit a salt water taffy store. She loves freshly made taffy.


Next we drove through New Hampshire, which was very pretty. We stopped for lunch just inside Vermont, at the King Arthur Flour Bakery and Cafe. Mom was a bit disappointed with the cafe, but in fairness, we didn't arrive there until almost 2PM, so they were kind of picked over. She did manage to visit the store and bought us some dog biscuit mix and she bought herself a 500-page cookbook that only contains cookie recipes.



Our next stop was the Ben & Jerry's factory. Mom and Dad took a tour of the factory.


Then they shared a mini-Vermonster sundae. I was kind of disappointed that they selected ice cream flavors with chocolate in them (and hot fudge) because I really could have helped Dad consume that sundae. I hear Mom wasn't a very helpful eating partner, so I think he should have picked me instead.


Kat and I got to visit the B&J flavor graveyard. It was good for two reasons. First was that the headstones had funny sayings on them and the second, and most important, was that it was covered in snow!


B&J was our last real vacation stop. After that, we headed south, back home. We were pretty happy to be home, but I think the happiest was Wilbur.


Thanks for joining us on our vacation. It was pretty fun and we hope to do it again sometime.


PS. Here's a map of all of the states that Kat and I have visited. Pretty impressive, huh?

Screen Shot 2012-03-13 at 9.07.00 PM

Let's make some biscuits!

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