Spring Break Vacation - Post #6

After our rest day for traveling from NYC, we hit the streets of Boston. We walked the Freedom Trail. Mom and Dad thought the Freedom Trail was a really neat idea. There is a red line on all of the sidewalks so we just followed the red (brick or paint) road to see many historic sights in Boston.

First we saw the Massachusettes State House.



Next we saw lots of old buildings, but didn't pose with them.

We did pose with this building. The Declaration of Independence was first read to the citizens of Boston from the balcony and the circle we are sitting on was the site of the Boston Massacre.


We walked past several Paul Revere things, his house and a statue of him.


We saw the USS Constitution, the oldest commissioned warship in the world.


We visited the Battle of Bunker Hill memorial.


After we finished the Freedom Trail, we went back to Quincy Market. It was like a gigantic food court, bigger than anything Mom and Dad had ever seen. We didn't get to go inside, but Mom and Dad took turns going inside to get food. Actually, if I'm being honest, Mom went in twice. Once for her lunch and once for some ice cream. I was shocked that she went back in for ice cream and didn't bother to get me any. Sometimes she forgets her training.

We walked a mere 6.5 miles in Boston. After walking around, we drove by Fenway Park and Harvard University. I'd show you pictures, but I was sleeping.


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