Spring Break Vacation - Post #2

On our second day in Philadelphia, we decided to take in all of the historic sites. First we walked around Logan Circle. Unfortunately, none of the fountains in the city had water in them, but we still got the idea.


Next we discovered a plaza across from the City Hall full of board game pieces. Dad and I decided to be mischevious and knock over some dominos.


Then Mom and Kat thought they would like to play some Monopoly and take a spin around the game board.


Finally we made it to Independence Historical Park. First we took a look at Benjamin Franklin's grave. Apparently the thing to do is throw a penny on it for luck, which Dad did. (It paid off because the next day Mom found out she had won a $200 Amazon gift card from a project at the law school.)


Next we saw Independence Hall. It looked pretty much the same as it does in pictures. Unfortunately we didn't get to go inside, even though one of the security people told Mom and Dad to pretend we were service dogs, they did not think that would be a good thing to do.


Mom and Dad did take turns going inside to see Liberty Bell.


After that, we walked along the grounds of the historical area. At one point a strange man walked past us and said, in a rap-type song, "Crazy wolf-dogs, have hepatitis." For the record, we don't have hepatitis and we are not crazy wolf-dogs, but Mom and Dad got a good laugh out of it for the rest of the day.

While in the historical area, we saw the First Bank of the United States, built in 1771.


Mom couldn't get a good picture because the bus was in the way. I got on a bench and yelled, "Move that bus!" but it didn't work. Maybe the driver doesn't understand Siberian. It sounded like "WOO! RUFF! WOO!"


Our total mileage for our second day in Philadelphia was 8.9 miles. Kat and I were tired when we made it back to the hotel.




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