Spring Break Vacation - Post #1

Last week Mom was on spring break. Luckily Dad was able to take the week off from work and we all went on vacation. (Well, except for Wilbur. He doesn't like to be in the car.) Mom was close to visiting all 50 states, but was missing several New England states. We made it our mission over the break to get her to the states she was missing and now she just needs to go to Michigan and South Carolina. We plan to pick up South Carolina before we move away from Virginia, maybe next spring break!

Our first stop was Philadelphia. On our first day in Philadelphia, we took a walk through Fairmount Park along the Schuylkill River. At one point in the river, there was a dam and Steve and I had to check it out.



While we were walking, Steve thought about jumping in the river, but decided against it. It was pretty far down from the sidewalk level and he's a fraidy-dog.


We walked past the Philadelphia Zoo. Unfortunately we did not go inside the zoo, but Steve and I could smell it. There was a fence along the sidewalk and Mom and Dad thought there were the back of zoo enclosures visible through the fence. I can tell you for sure that there were zoo animals near because Steve and I had our noses in the air the entire time. Next time I think I would like to go inside the zoo.


Finally we had to do what all tourists do, run up the Art Museum steps, just like Rocky.



I bet you can't even tell the difference between the Rocky statue and our dad. Both are winners, huh?


Our total mileage for our first day was 7.5 miles. Stay tuned for our second day in Philadelphia!



Spring Break Vacation - Post #2

It finally happened!