April Showers bring April Flowers

Yesterday we went to Washington DC to see the cherry blossom trees. We didn't get to check out the tress until about 5:30 in the evening because we didn't leave Charlottesville until after lunch and then a storm rolled in and we had to wait for that to end. The blossoms were still very pretty.



We also saw the Franklin D. Roosevelt memorial. It is a very pretty memorial with waterfalls



We were also very popular at the nation's capital. Lots of people wanted to pet us and we also saw several people who said they had huskies at home, but wouldn't be brave enough to bring their dogs out and about. Steve and I were model citizens though and Mom and Dad had lots of treats, so we were good Siberian Ambassadors.

Unfortunately we didn't get asked to visit the first-dog, Bo, at the White House. We have heard that there is good squirrel chasing to be had on the South Lawn, so maybe next time. Mom wants to go back and see the blossoms again when we have more time, so maybe we can do some good squirrel chasing then.

Steve & Kat

Wilbur's 6th Birthday Video

Happy Birthday Wilbur!