Happy Birthday Wilbur!

Today is Wilbur's 6th Birthday! Happy Birthday Wilbur! Dad did a great job helping Wilbur celebrate his birthday. To start the day off, Wilbur got an entire can of wet food. Usually he just gets a quarter of a can per day.


After Dad got home from work, he gave Wilbur his presents. Wilbur got a big box of new canned food, some treats, and some new toys. Much to Mom's dismay, Wilbur will only eat Friskies canned food, no matter how much she tries to get him to eat a better one. She says it's his McDonalds!


Dad took a funny video of Wilbur playing with his new stuff, but the video was too big for Dad to email to Mom, so Dad's going to cut it down and we will post it soon.

Wilbur had a great birthday and it was no April Fool's joke!

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