Me too!

Steve told you about how he's taking Mom to school for training (here and here). Apparently Steve needs some help with the Mom training because now I am taking Mom to school.

Before school starts, I have to find a nice chair where Mom can put her stuff. (Note to the Ao4's mom: the Boo Tote is great for school supplies!)

During school, we work hard on leash walking and greeting strangers. I have to eat a lot of hot dogs during leash walking time. It's hard work, but I still take time to look cute.
In fact, we've been working so hard that I have graduated! Mom is holding the certificate like she earned it or something, but really, it was all me.
I even had to walk nicely on a leash while ignoring the horses. If that's not diploma-worthy, I don't know what is!


Organizing the Garage

Clean Socks