Clean Socks

A while back, (ages and ages) Zim of the Army of Four asked me a question:
Hey... how do you keep your socks so white? Do you ever take them off and let your mom wash them? Is your fur grey underneath them?

Thanks for the question Zim! It took my mom a long time to get a picture of me keeping my socks white. Then it took me a long time to decide if I was going to share it. Today I have finally decided that I will.

In the mornings, after Dad takes a shower, I use the leftover water in the shower to keep my paws clean.
I make sure to soap them up and wash them out.

For your other questions, no, I don't ever take my socks off. My socks are what make me cute and if I didn't have them, my mom might not put up with the stuff I do to her. And as for what is under my socks, I will never tell.


Me too!

Fun, fun, fun 'til my dad says my paws are too dirty!