Steve and Kat do Vancouver

We will post the results of our laser chasing Woolympic event tomorrow, but for today, we are going to show you how the Woolympics met the Olympics!

Mom and Dad heard that one of Mom's favorite shows, The Colbert Report, was doing a filming in Vancouver. Mom convinced Dad that they should go and then she convinced him that we should go too!

We had to get up really early to hit the road. Mom was a little nervous about crossing the border with us, but it all went well. In fact, the Canadian border patrol lady had her own husky at home!

Once we got to Vancouver, we headed straight to the park where The Colbert Report taping was supposed to take place. It was in a park and boy, the park was muddy! Steve and I got really muddy and so did Mom and Dad's shoes and pants. (So the pants could be from us stepping on them.) We had to wait for quite a while for the show to start.

And more waiting!
Finally the show started. This picture is proof that we were there because you can see the stage in the background. During this picture, Stephen Colbert was interviewing Bob Costas.
This is what we mostly did during the taping.
After the TV taping, we headed off to find the Winter Olympics flame. On the way we stopped for a family picture. Steve thinks he did a particularly good job in this picture.
We kept walking and walking, stopping for a picture along the way to document where we were.
Finally we got to the Olympic Flame. It was packed with people, so we didn't try to get too close. Tons of people asked to take our picture, including some people with Korean broadcasting badges. Maybe we are famous in Korea? Anyway, here is our picture with the torch in the background. It's hard to tell that it's on fire, but I promise, it was.
When we got back in the car to go home, boy, we were so tired. Not only did we walk around for about 6 miles, but we had to concentrate on being good for the entire day since we were surrounded by people the whole day. Now, I know you probably think we are just naturally good, and we are, but we still have to think extra hard about being good when there are so many distractions.

Thanks for sharing our Olympic fun with us. Stay tuned tomorrow for the next Woolympic fun!

Woolympics Event #3

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