Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentines Day! We hope you're having a great day with your Valentines. Since we can't be with our canine Valentines, we are spending the time with our human Valentines, Mom and Dad!

We have received this award from both Huffle and Phantom and Thunder. Thank you! The rules of this award are that you have to post about 10 things that make you happy and try to do one of those things today. So here is our list.
1. Walks. Now that it's not getting dark as early, we are getting more walks, so that is definitely good.
2. Kongs. We get a stuffed Kong in our crate every work day and we love it. Some mornings Steve makes Mom feel like he can't wait for her to leave. He just hangs out by the freezer, waiting for her to hand him a Kong.
3. Cuzes. When we don't get to go for walks, we usually play with our cuzes inside. Steve always has to play with a squeaky Cuz, but Kat doesn't care.
4. Laps. Wilbur loves to sleep on a lap, Dad's in particular.
5. Treats. We each have our favorite treats, but no matter which ones, they make us happy.
6. Treat balls. We got some new treat dispensing balls and we love them. Mom puts part of our supper in them so we can play with them just about every day.
7. Pellet stoves. Wilbur loves to nap in front of our pellet stove.
8. Wrestling. Nothing better than a little Siberian wrestling to pass the time.
9. Stuffies. Steve loves his beaver and Wilbur loves his kitty.
10. Friends. We all love our blogging friends!

Now we are supposed to give this award out to 10 friends, but we don't think that we can think of 10 friends that haven't gotten it! So if you haven't gotten it, please consider yourself awarded.

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