Two more prescriptions

I feel really bad. Biloxi sent in a prescription request for his mom and I didn't get it done in time. I hope that this prescription will still help. Here's what Biloxi had to say:

Hey Doc Steve,
Could woo write us a prescription fur us to give to Maw when she gits home from vacation???

Husky kisses,

Certainly, Biloxi! I love to help the humans. I think it's very sweet that you wanted a prescription for your mom. Since you didn't say exactly what ails her, I assume you just love her so much that you want her to have some rest and relaxation. What better way for her to relax than to spend time with you? I offer some suggestions in my prescription, along with a warning of what would not be good for your mom.

Finally, Maebe wrote in about her sister.
Kayla has a really embarrassing problem. She's a piddler. The humans thought she would outgrow this problem, but she still does it sometimes. Like today, when it was time for her bath and wouldn't come when she was called, the humans had to corner her. That's when she piddled. The humans learned that the cornering should be done outside instead of inside, so that's why we got our baths outside today. I think this is dumb. She should've clawed them instead or something. She needs a cure for her piddling problem. What can woo prescribe?
So that's my story, Maebe

Kat will probably get mad at me for saying this, but sometimes she has this problem too. Kat usually does it when she gets really excited or when she meets a new dog. In Kayla's case, I don't think it's her problem at all, at least not from the evidence you provided. Kayla would have never piddled if your humans hadn't tried to give her a bath. So really, they are the ones with the problem, and therefore, I have written the prescription for them.
Kayla, you're A-OK in my book.

So I think that gets me caught up on all of the prescription requests that were sent in before Friday. If I've forgotten anything you requested, please let me know.
Dr. Steve

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