Dr. Steve catch-up

Wow, once again I am really behind on prescriptions. It's my goal this weekend to get a lot of new prescriptions out there to help pups.

First up, Scampi. Kira wrote in, lovingly, about her brother:
How about something for an annoying, scared of thunderstorms, border collie who is psychotic and paranoid? I know untreatable, right?

Actually, no. Not with Dr. Steve around. I have the perfect solution for Scampi. He just needs to get tired and then distracted. See my prescription for details. I'm pretty confident that Scampi is in good hands though, since his mom has been taking a lot of training classes lately. I'm sure she's getting trained enough to do as Scampi wishes.
Stella wrote in with a similar problem:
Hello Dr. Steve:

I also have kibble allergies plus I am very scared of thunderstorms. Can you help me like you did Mango?

Thank you,


Well, Stella, I recommend pretty much the same stuff for you. Getting tired and then a good distraction. As you're an urban gal, perhaps a nice stroll around your neighborhood would be good instead of the dog park. Although if you get to take the bus to the dog park, that's a bonus.

Finally, Peanut had this to say:
Do you think you could fix up stupid Shelby and stop him from being a jerk?

If you don't read Peanut and Flash's blog, then you might not know that Shelby is the cat they allow to live in their house. When I became a doctor, I took an oath to always help when required. But sometimes part of being a responsible doctor is knowing the limits of your abilities. I have seen that Shelby and Wilbur correspond and I know that anycat in cahoots with Wilbur is beyond repair.

Until next time, stay healthy and eat your vitamins,
Dr. Steve
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