March Madness!

Some of our long-time readers know this, but back when we lived in Texas, we helped out with Adopt a Husky of Dallas.  We even had a foster sister for a while, Ulee.  I really liked Ulee.  She was fun to play with, but I won't tell you what Kat thought.  (It wasn't good.)  Ulee was adopted and became a California girl and gets to go to day camp every day and go to the beach a lot.  She's really living it up.

Anyway, even though we moved away, we still stay in contact with our pals at the rescue.  Mom does their newsletter each month and sometimes Kat and I pose for pictures for the newsletter if Mom doesn't have anything from the rescue volunteers.

For March, AHDI is doing a March Madness fundraiser.  Anyone can play, so we thought we'd let our blog pals know, in case any of you are big basketball followers.  The details are below.


March Madness is No Match for our Huskies, but we’re gonna try!


Please join us for the first annual Adopt a Husky March Madness Tournament.

You don’t need to know a thing about college basketball. You just fill out your bracket by mascot, school colors or flipping a coin. Or maybe your dog picks the winner! The cause is great, and we need a big jumpstart (pun intended) for our first year.


Kelli Knight, is our first commissioner. A basketball coach, and former player, Kelli is ready to lead our husky pack through the dance.


Kelli’s email address is:  


Please contact anyone you know who would spend $20 to help rescue dogs. We can’t tell you how full the shelters are. It’s too sad.


For our entries, half the money will go to the winner and half to Adopt a Husky. So play, donate and talk smack. And, since we’ll have a lot of people who are more familiar with huskies and dogs than basketball, you hardcore players may have a pretty good shot.


Please start spreading the word to anyone who loves rescue, dogs, huskies, basketball, or may just be a soft touch. And for all of you who can’t foster, but are always willing to help, here’s a great opportunity.


Send us your email info if you’re interested in joining us! Let us know how you found out about the tournament. When it's time to fill out the brackets, the Commish will howl.


Tail Wags and Wooo Wooo Wooo!

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