My new furniture

Back when we lived in Texas, we had a patio set and I really enjoyed laying on it and watching over my backyard kingdom. Here's a picture of me on that table.
I also liked standing on the grill, as evident in this picture of Kat, Ulee, and me.
When we left Texas, we had to live in an apartment up here, so Mom gave away the patio set to one of her friends in Texas and Dad sold the grill. After six months of apartment living, we moved into our house and I was really disappointed to see that a patio set and grill did not magically appear. I have a much bigger yard now, but no good vantage point for surveying, especially since Dad blocked off the stairs to get on top of the clubhouse after Kat jumped off the roof.

Luckily, a couple weekends ago, Mom went to Lowes and found a table and chairs that she liked and they weren't very expensive. So that night, she and Dad went back to Lowe's and purchased the stuff.

Now this is more like it.
Dad got a new grill too, but he put it up against the house and not where I can stand on it. I'll have to fix that soon.

While I was up on the table, Mom took a bunch of pictures of me, so I'll share my photo shoot with you all in my next post.

I'm not depressed!

March Madness!