Walking for the Iditawalk

We just finished our 1049 minutes of walking for the Iditawalk last night! We really enjoyed the walking and running and I think we've got a new routine. Every day when Mom and Dad get home from work, Kat and I get our of our crate and run outside to potty, then we come inside and I bounce around while Mom and Dad change their clothes and put their shoes on. Sometimes I can't even calm down to put my leash on. Mom says I'm like Tigger and just bounce around all over the place. I have some videos to show you soon.

Then we get outside and Dad makes us stand in the street while he waits for a GPS signal on his iPhone.
I like to laugh at Kat while she stands around.
Then we are ready to go. You can see in this picture that Dad and Mom have walking belts and we just pull them down the street!
It's a lot of fun and I'm so glad we go into the Iditawalk!

Wordless Wednesday

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