Sleeping positions

I received some positive feedback on my post about my vacation from the furry beasts. Many of you thought I had a good sleeping position. That is one of my favorite ones, but I do have many more, which I am going to share with you in this post.

Here's a pretty basic pose. I think many of you furry beasts will be familiar with it.I like this one too. I use this pose when I need to be a little warmer.You might have noticed how I'm always laying next to the bricks. I think this next picture will explain why I like that spot. It's good for warming your tummy.Even the boy furry beast likes the fire, but he doesn't dare get in my spot.Even though the fire is my favorite, sometimes I sleep on the dog bed, just to show the furry beasts who's boss. Look how sad the boy furry beast looks here because he can't get on his bed.Meow,

Walking for the Iditawalk

Mom and Dad's trip