Mom and Dad's trip

We mentioned that Mom and Dad went to Oregon a couple weekends ago. We thought they just went to go shopping, but then we found these pictures on the camera.
Does that look like a skijoring race to you? It sure does to me!
If you look closely at this picture, you'll see sleds and dogs in harnesses, but you won't see Steve or me anywhere! That is an outrage!
Then we saw this and realized that Mom and Dad were also out snowshoeing with other dogs. It doesn't get any worse than that!

After I saw this, I had to sit Mom down and interrogate her. I found out that she and Dad went to watch the start of a skijor race and then they went snowshoeing with one of her friends and his dogs, Crockett and Tubbs. I was very upset, but then Mom promised that she just wanted to check out the skijoring to see it in person so we can do it sometime AND that she wants to take us to the place where they snowshoed and that someday we can hang out with Crockett and Tubbs because their dad invited us all to come visit.

So I decided that I'll let her off the hook just this once. After all, we did have run at the ranch.

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