On Vacation

Mom and Dad went to Oregon this weekend, without Kat or me.  (More on that in another post.)  Kat and I went on vacation at our new cool boarding place.  It's a really fun place.  We have an indoor/outdoor run and we got to bring our own toys, which we never got to do at the place in Texas.  Mom even made us Kongs to get each day.  We also get off-leash playtime three times per day, just Kat and me.  The humans at the ranch took pictures of us and sent them to Mom via email.  She likes that because she can check on us via the iPhone.

Here are some really cool action shots of us.  Doesn't it look like I am winning?
Finally, here's a picture of us just hanging out.  We're a bit tired after that wrestling.  I also have a dirty face.  I'm going for the tough guy look.


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