The Bumpass Kitties (because I'm sure the hounds had nothing to do with it) asked about my welfare while the furry beasts were at the dog ranch and Mom and Dad were in Oregon. Thank you so much for asking! Actually, I got to have the house to myself. I have my own electronic feeder, so it spits out food for me twice per day and I also have a big water fountain so I always have freshly filtered water to drink. Before they left, Mom also gave me a big can of Friskies.

It was a wonderful weekend. First I pulled down the curtains in the office. The curtains are just the scarf kind and I get in trouble frequently for scratching at them, but since I was home alone, I just scratched at them until they were completely messed up.

Then I got all my toys out of my room. Normally most of my toys have to stay in my room so the furry beasts don't get them, but there weren't any furry beasts!

I also got to enjoy all of my favorite sleeping positions. I've included a sample below. (Just one though because I'm working on a post about sleeping.)
It's so nice to sleep without a furry beast nose in your butt.

So Bumpass Kitties, I was just fine. But it's nice to have friends looking out for you.


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