Did all of you see Phantom and Thunder's post last week about the treats their mom brought them from California? I couldn't believe that their mom was so nice to go all the way to California to get them some Trader Joe's treats. We have several Trader Joe's within a few miles of our house, yet our mom has never gotten anything for us from there. I decided to have a talk with Mom on Saturday about it. The talk went something like this:

Me: Mom, how come you never buy me any treats from Trader Joe's? Do you not love me as much as Phantom and Thunder's mom loves them?
Mom: I'm sure I love you just as much as their mom loves them, but don't you think you have enough treats?
Me: No. Asking me if I have enough treats is like me asking you if you have enough shoes.
Mom: Very clever argument, Steve.

So that night, we all went to Trader Joe's. Kat and I stayed in the car, but when Mom and Dad got back in the car, I made sure there were some treats in the bag. Here they are!
We got the same kind that Phantom and Thunder had since they said the treats were tasty. Kat and I could barely sit still while we were waiting to try them.
Here we are eating the treats. Each stick is scored so they break easily and for some reason, Mom thinks that means that we should each only get half a stick instead of a stick each. I don't know where she comes up with these silly ideas.
After the taste testing, we have to agree with Phantom and Thunder. Those were some tasty treats! Kat and I each gave them a high five.
If you have a Trader Joe's near you, send your mom out to get you some treats!

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