Presents from Grandma

We got a big box yesterday from our Texas grandma. It contained the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Good:
She sent us a huge bag of Bacon and Cheese treats. Delicious! As Dad always says, everything is better with bacon and cheese. I'm keeping a close eye on Dad though because look how excited he was about the treats. I think he might try to eat one.
I was pretty excited too.

The Bad:
Wilbur got something too. He really likes these Feline Greenies. Normally he doesn't like crunchy treats, but he goes crazy for these. As you can tell by Dad's face, Dad is just faking excitement for Wilbur's stuff, unlike the real excitement he had for the bacon and cheese treats.

The Ugly:
Texas Grandma sent these headbands for us. I don't know why Dad looks happy in this picture.
Mom bribed us with treats to sit still for a picture. I sat still, but I would not look happy.
The really ugly comes from Kat. As soon as she put on the devil horn headband, the camera went crazy and made her eyes look evil. Mom couldn't even fix them with iPhoto. Apparently the devil horn headband turns you into a little devil while you wear it.

We give a big "Thanks Y'all" to our Texas grandparents for all of our presents, except the headbands. Mom and Dad think they are hilarious, but Kat and I don't find them funny at all.


Our birthday cookies