Hiking in the snow

On Saturday, we packed up the 4Runner and went to the mountains to go snowshoeing. When we got there, the trail was packed down so Mom and Dad didn't wear their snowshoes and we just hiked.

Here's a view of the trail.
We stopped for lunch and Kat and I camped out on a snow mound. Mom decided it was a good time to take a quick picture over her shoulder.
The ground and trees were covered with ice crystals. I tried to take a picture for you.
We decided to take Mom and Dad down to the ice caves. Here we are leading the way.
We got to the bridge we needed to cross to get to the caves and look what we discovered!
The bridge had washed out! I tried to look for where it went, but I didn't see it.
Mom made us pose for a picture.
Finally when we were almost back to the car, Mom made us pose again. (We're so cute, she just can't help it.)
We like it better when Dad is holding cookies.
I complain a lot when I have to put my backpack on, but really, I love it!!

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