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For those of you who live in the Pacific Northwest, we have some news for you. Our mom has started a new blog, documenting the trails we have visited. She has been having trouble finding information about which trails allow dogs, so she decided to start writing about the ones we have used. So if you need some good trail advice, check it out. So far she only has two trails on there, but she promises to put up more soon.

It's called: Pacific Northwest: On Leash!

If you live around here and want to post a review of your favorite trails, just let us know. Otherwise, stay tuned to read about our favorites! We'll be talking about trails for hiking, snowshoeing, biking, and just about anything else we do.

In other news, if your blog uses the comment form where you can select your account at the bottom, we can't leave comments. Other dogs can, but apparently our mom is retarded and can't figure it out. So we are not ignoring you on purpose.

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Hiking in the snow