We're a bit behind on blogging.  Two weekends ago, while our Texas grandma and grandpa were here, we went to Leavenworth.  We've never been to Leavenworth before, so we thought it would be fun.  Mom and Dad made us wear our harnesses and locked us into the back of the 4Runner.  At that point, we thought we might be going to Leavenworth the prison since we were practically pawcuffed!

Once we arrived, we realized we were in Leavenworth the Bavarian town!  The parents made us wear our backpacks around.  We were very good every time we had to wait outside a shop so the humans could shop.
However, Mom and Dad got very mad at us every time we started to walk because we were pulling like crazy.  Just when Mom would get Kat under control, the horse-drawn carriage would go by and Kat would go nutso over the horse.  Finally, Mom was so frustrated, she handed us over to Dad and Dad said he could just carry us around by our backpack handles.
(He didn't really do that.)

We tried to take a good family picture, but it was very sunny.  Also Mom decided to make a stupid face.  I mean look at me, I'm looking so cute at the camera and Mom is looking so dumb.  It really bothers me when she can't behave for photos.
Just because Mom was being stupid, Kat and I decided not to look for the other picture.
So that was Leavenworth.  It was pretty fun.  Mom and Dad said maybe we can go back another time this winter and snowshoe.  I think that sounds very fun, especially the part about the snow!!


PS. In response to Mom's anger about the leash pulling, we had a private training session today.  The training session just focused on walking on our leashes.  We both did pretty good, in my opinion, but Kat was a big suck-up and did better than me.

I didn't do it.