Digging for Poop

For Mom's birthday, she bought herself a Doggie Dooley.  It's really amusing the lengths humans will go just for some poop disposal.  Apparently Costco had a good deal on these Dooley gadgets, so Mom ordered one.

Of course, Mom's online shopping means work for Dad, Kat and me.  First, Dad had to read the instructions on what to do.
Kat helped Dad with the digging.  She stopped helping to pose for this picture, but I promise, she got her paws dirty!
I was really worried the dirt from the hole Dad dug would blow away, so I decided my job would be to anchor the dirt.  You can see me working hard to keep the dirt in one place.
Once the hole was a couple feet deep, Kat didn't want to help with the digging anymore, but she often came to supervise.
The Dooley is in the ground now and Mom's been faithfully depositing more of our poop in it everyday.  It's like she thinks it will turn to gold or something.  You know, that would be a super great invention.  A poop-to-gold converter.  I'm going to have to figure out how to make that happen so I can buy more treats.  What a perfect cycle.  Buy treats.  Make poop.  Turn poop into gold.  Buy more treats.  Make more poop.  More poop turned into gold.  Pups, this is genius.  I'll let you know when my prototype is finished.


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