Sunday Morning Wrestling

On Sunday morning, Kat and I were playing a little WWS - Wild Wrestling Sibes.  Mom took a quick video of us and also some random pictures.  I'm going to share my favorites.

This first one is of Kat and I looking complete innocent.  You can't even tell that right before the picture was taken, we were doing some major husky smack down.
In this next picture, Kat is yelling at me.  She's so bossy that she makes my fur blow in the hot air she is spewing.  She might have just belched a big one too, because my fur is really blowing.
I like this last picture because I look like I'm really having a good time.  I'm pretty sure that right after this picture was taken, I threw Kat to the ground and she was down for the count.
Finally, here's a video.  We are actually acting pretty tame in this video.  
Maybe sometime Mom will be lucky enough to catch the true WWS activities.

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