Blogging Award

Star and Jack gave us this cool award. They said we're their Blogging Friends Forever. Isn't that nice? Star and Jack remind us a lot of ourselves. Kat is the ruler of the house but is super cute, like Star. Steve is a playful, silly, handsome boy, like Jack. Steve even likes to have best friend stuffies, like Jack's Pengie. Too bad Star and Jack don't have a Wilbur. Maybe we should share custody of Wilbur. He could spend a week and our house and then a week at Star and Jack's house. Star and Jack, what do you think?

We're supposed to give this award to 5 bloggers. We can't remember who's received it, but we are pretty sure that the Brat Pack hasn't posted about it. So since they are a happy pack of five, we are going to give it to them. Sam made us laugh when she got caught in the bag, so she definitely deserves it!

Steve and Kat

We're completely retarded and forgot that Thunder, Dakota, and Phantom gave us this award too. We are so sorry pups! We love you all too! (Kat especially loves Thunder.) We're going to blame this on Mom.


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