Feelin' hot, hot, HOT

Hi pups. Sorry for not blogging this weekend. I've been roasting in my fur coat. It was sunny and over 90 degrees both days this weekend. On Saturday, I was loving it. I just relaxed, sun bathed and worked on my tan. Then Sunday, I couldn't take it much more. I didn't want to go outside, but it was just as hot inside. We don't have air conditioning. I stood in front of the magic cold box, but only got a fresh breeze when Mom would get something out of it. Mom did give me a little bit of watermelon to cool off, but it wasn't enough. I started sleeping in the hallway. It's the darkest area of the house and also has cool, wood floors. Then when it was bedtime, Mom made me come in the bedroom. It was so hot. I had to get off the bed and sleep on the floor. That's how hot it was. You all know heat rises, so I tried to stay as low on the floor as possible. It was miserable.

Mom did take me to get an ice cream cone Sunday afternoon, so that helped. She and Dad also tried to find us new kiddie pools but could only find blow-up ones and those are not claw friendly. I hope she can find a plastic one soon!

So we'll get back to blogging regularly as soon as I recover from my heat stroke!

PS. Something must be wrong with Mom. She was going on about how the weather was great and she could finally wear shorts, blah, blah, blah! I'm going to have to have her head examined.

Another Battle

It wasn't me!