It wasn't me!

Hi pups.  Steve here. Last weekend, Mom looked out the window and saw Kat and me standing by a giant hole.

There was dirt everywhere!
Mom came running outside yelling "No!"  Then she had to go into digging CSI to figure out who was in trouble.  Since Kat and I were both seen at the scene of the crime, we were both suspects.  I present my evidence.

Me: Clean.  No dirty paws.  Cute face.  Brown eyes saying, "I'm innocent."
Kat: Dirty head.  Not looking at the camera to hide her shame.  Dirty paws.  Guilty.
She didn't even feel any remorse.  You can see that she's just laughing at Mom as Mom tries to take a picture of her dirty paws for evidence. 
I wasn't helping.  Not at all.  I was just at the hole telling Kat to stop.  That's right.

Feelin' hot, hot, HOT

Meet you at DQ