Meet you at DQ

The Dairy Queen near our house is awesome.  They give us free doggie cones at the drive thru.  I thought maybe my blogging friends would also like to get free doggie cones, so I decided to write some instructions for you all.

Ordering is very important.  There are a lot of good things on the menu, however, many of the items have the dreaded chocolate in them, so doggie beware!  I stick to just a plain ice cream cone myself.  So while Dad is deciding what to order, I send Sibe Mind Meld messages to the drive thru worker so they know what I want to order.
As Dad pulls up to the drive thru window, he rolls the back window down and Kat and I make sure our presence is known.  That's an important step because moms and dads don't want to look like pigs, so the DQ employees need to know that some ice cream is for us!
Usually at this point, the drive thru employee says, "Oh, you're the most beautiful dogs I've ever seen!" and all the other employees whole-heartedly agree.  Then they hand out two doggie cones.  Usually we just get the cones without a bowl, but the day Mom took the pictures, one of the cones was leaking so the drive thru person put them in lids for us.
Kat usually eats hers a little slower than me.  She even took the bowl instead of just taking the cone like me!
Mom couldn't get a good picture of me, but here's her attempt.  I just love ice cream cones.  I gobble them up at just the right speed.  Remember pups, not too fast because you don't want to get a brain freeze!
Well, that's it!  Go get your human and head out to DQ!

It wasn't me!

Guard Duty