After the picnic, Mom and Dad took us hiking.  It was our first hike with our new backpacks.  We were excited to hike.  Of course, Mom had to delay the start of hiking to take a picture.

We carried water bottles, poop bags, and our long leashes in our backpacks.  Dad carried the treats.  We were going to go hike down the trail for a while, then get off the trail to go to a creek that was running parallel to the trail.  At the creek, Mom and Dad were going to put us on our long leashes so we could go swimming.  It sounded like fun to us, so of course, we were ready to go!

Within the first half a mile of our hike, Mom stepped on a snake.  She freaked out.  She was like, "Oh! I think I stepped on a snake!"  Dad was like, "What?"  He was a little worried because there are rattlesnakes where we were hiking.  Mom said, "I stepped on something and I saw in wiggle!"  (She was jumping around at this point like that would help her go back in time and eliminate the snake encounter.)  Dad went back and looked and saw the snake.  He said, "It's like the size of a pencil.  It's not going to hurt you."  Mom says, "Was it a rattlesnake?"  Dad said, "No, it was just black."  Mom said, "I don't know if I want to go any further."  Dad said, "Just keep your eyes open."  Dad is such a good voice of reason.  Unfortunately, after the snake encounter, Mom wouldn't get off the trail.  She said ridiculous things like, "What if the snake had climbed up my jeans?"  Dad responded, "That would have been interesting."  Then she said, "Yuck!  My shoes have touched a snake!"  Dad said, "I'm sure they will survive."  Needless to say, we didn't get to go swimming since Mom wouldn't get off the trail and walk us to the creek.  We heard the creek so it wasn't very far.  She's such a baby.

We did see a deer.  It was really exciting as you can see in this video.  I'm not sure why the deer ran away.

We also saw a baby deer, but it was dead.  It was right along the trail and kind of smelly.  Mom and Dad said something must have gotten it.  I thought maybe some prey driven huskies, but Mom said probably a coyote.    For some reason, Mom and Dad wouldn't let us go investigate the deer.

In total, we hiked about four miles.  It was fun.  I decided the backpacks aren't that bad.

Guard Duty

Husky Picnic