Husky Picnic

Hi pups! Kat here with some pictures from the Husky Picnic. The picnic is held every year as a fundraiser for the husky rescues in Washington. Last year when we were living in Texas, Mom saw the announcement for the picnic and was very jealous that we couldn't go, so now that we live in Washington, as soon as Mom heard about the picnic, she signed up! There were lots of huskies there.

On the way from the campground to the picnic, we went by these really tall things. They don't look like trees, but they turn in the wind. We stuck our heads out the window of the car to take these pictures. I guess that's what farmers grow in Eastern Washington. We did see a sign that said "Wind Farm".There were a few pups at the picnic that were rescued from a very bad puppy mill. This husky in the blue bandanna was only 11 pounds when she was rescued at 6 months of age! We were very happy to see that she's happy and healthy now in her foster home.Here are a couple pictures of different pups at the picnic.
Of course, I'm sure you all want to see pictures of the two most beautiful pups at the picnic, so here we are.
Finally, here is a video. The pup doing tricks in the video is Rocket. He was also rescued from the puppy mill and had been really beat up from a dog fight. He's now living in his forever home and he looked very happy.

Next up, hiking husky style!


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