Mark your calendars...

Mark your calendars, pups and kitties, and start napping! Blogathon is in two months! That's right, we're doing Blogathon again this year and it would be great if as many pups as possible stay up with us! This year, we are blogging for Save Our Siberians - Siberspace Rescue Fund. It's their 10 year anniversary! Also, we are happy to have a sponsor - Fur the Animals! We're excited to have them as our sponsor because 10% of EVERY order goes to the rescue of the buyer's choice. So if your favorite rescue isn't signed up to receive rebates, tell them to sign up so you can start shopping and earning credit for them! Fur the Animals donated some cool toys for us to give away but also every pup who pledges $35 will get a $5 gift certificate to the store and if any of you pups give your parents the sad eyes and get $50 or more to pledge, you will get $10 to spend. (Steve says to buy treats!)

It's not time to make your pledges yet, but we just wanted to give you pups time to save up your allowances. We'll keep you posted as more news develops!

Steve & Kat


(We actually saved this post for today because Mom thought Blogathon starts two months from today but apparently, she can't tell the difference between a "6" and an "8" on the calendar, so really Blogathon is July 26, not July 28! We can't leave her in charge of anything.)

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