Cool Dog Sled Envelope

We've been really forgetful about posting about this cool thing that Franki V sent us.

One day we got an envelope in the mail.  It looked like this, but had our address on it and the return address was in Vancouver.
We used our Siberian intelligence to deduce that it must be from Franki because we don't know anypup else in Vancouver.  We thought it was a super cool envelope.  It traveled by dogsled to get to our house!

Franki sent it to us as part of the Gold Rush Trail Dog Sled Mail Run.  Dog teams work together to carry the mail from Quesnel, British Columbia all the way to Barkerville, BC.  The envelope was also postmarked from stops along the way.  Mom thought it was especially cool that it went to Barkerville and anyone who knows her will understand why.

So thanks again, Franki!  We are keeping the envelope in a very special place!

Steve and Kat

PS. Franki emailed us some cool pictures of our mail enroute.  Check out a few of them:

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