News Flash! Evil Husky Revealed!

Hi, Wilbur here. During the day, when Mom and Dad are working and the furry beasts are in the crate, I like to relax, let down my fur, and surf the internet. Sometimes I hack into Mom's email to make sure she's not saying bad stuff about me.

Imagine my surprise, when yesterday I discovered this email:

Hello ,

Thank you for your order.

Order Receipt:

Date: Mon Mar 03 11:24:12 -0500 2008
Order Status: Accepted

Dyson DC15 Ball w/Animal Plus Kit 15

Factory Direct Int. Inc.

What? A Dyson? I have read enough dog and cat blogs to know that I DO NOT want a Dyson living here. Even furry beasts hate Dysons. So imagine how even more surprised I was to find another email sent this weekend from one furry beast, Khyra. (Names not changed to protect the guilty.) In Khyra's email, she specifically directed my mom to the website where she ordered the Dyson.

How can Khyra claim to be so nice and love the furry beasts when she schemed to bring a Dyson into our home? She's supposed to be the boy furry beast's girlfriend! Although, our first clue should have been the fact that she has other boyfriends besides him.

Beware furry beasts! Khyra is nothing but trouble!


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