More fun stuff to do on snowy walks

by Valerie Barker

I'm here again today to tell you about some more fun stuff to do while you're on a snowy walk.

I like to walk close to the bushes and trees along the trails and sidewalks.  It's great fun to brush off all the snow onto your back and perhaps onto your mom.  (My mom thinks it's cold, but what does she know?)

Next it's fun to pair up with your sister and zig-zag all over the street.

It's also fun to plow snow with your head and make your mom giggle.

Finally, Kat demonstrates the art of blazing a new trail.  The sidewalk we were walking down here is covered with new snow, so Kat was trying to clear the way.

Well, that's it for my instructional videos.  I can't wait to see your videos of you trying these techniques!